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The Get Organised blog contains organising and decluttering tips and tricks for your stuff and your mental load. Management of our home and belongings has a huge impact on happiness, mental health, sleep and relationships. Use the search bar below to look for specific topics. For hands-on decluttering assistance and professional organising, get in touch

A hand writes a to-don't list in a notebook

My to-don’t list

Making to-do lists is so very 2018. To-don’t lists are much more fun. And productive. Declutter your responsibilities to clarify what’s important. And the great

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Simplify your life. Scrabble tiles say Keep Things Simple in that order on a white background

Simplify your life

It was once predicted that (we) future humans would have a lot of spare time. Microwaves, cars, washing machines and technology were all supposed to

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A hand holds a coffee and a tablet screen showing a shopping basket to signify consumerism and clutter

Consumerism and clutter

Being human is difficult. We have big complicated brains. Confucious said that “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” (551 BCE)

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A series of 9 photographs show progression from least to most cluttered in a room to answer Am I a Hoarder

Am I a Hoarder?

The term ‘hoarding’ can be used pretty loosely. Clients often ask me “am I a hoarder?” and are relieved when I say no. On the

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A model of a human head says ADHD while spirals radiate outwards, signifying organising and ADHD

ADHD and organising in adults

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) was once misunderstood as something that only shows up as misbehaviour in boys. In recent years the definition has expanded

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How to stay tidy – do this. Timber shelves contain neatly folded towels and wicker baskets

How to stay tidy

So you’ve finished the decluttering and organising process, and it was laborious. You don’t want to have to go through that again. (at least not

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Lisa and Jason's clutter is huge

Too much stuff

In the modern era of too much stuff it’s difficult to imagine a time when people saved up for their furniture. They ate meals on

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Use the good stuff including this floral teapot and two tea-filled cups next to a bowl of madarins

Use the good stuff

Do you use the good stuff? Or do you have things in your cupboard for special occasions? Do you have wedding gifts still in the

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Are you future focused? The camera focus is on a bare calendar page with a minimalist background

Are you Future Focused?

Are You Future Focused? Now people want instant gratification, because current needs are paramount. They don’t believe a stitch time saves nine, because it doesn’t bear

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