How to become a Professional Organiser in Melbourne

How do I become a professional organiser in Melbourne

So you have watched a few organising reality shows, and want to know how to become a Professional Organiser in Melbourne? The industry is relatively new so you won’t find a path laid out for you. There is no course at TAFE or Melbourne Uni. This makes it both easier and more difficult to make a start.

There are no real obstacles, but also no straight path.

How to become a Professional Organiser – firstly, is it a good fit for you?

A decent Professional Organiser is good at:

  • Interacting with people. Usually you need to dive deep into people’s habits, lifestyle and priorities to create fabulous organising solutions. Also you generally work alongside them.
  • Solving problems. Thinking outside the box to create bespoke solutions.
  • Organising. Are you the person who arranges group dinners and holidays? Perfect.
  • Non judgement. Being shocked at someone’s cluttered space or the fact they have kept their kids’ baby teeth is not a good look. It will make your clients feel more uncomfortable and exposed than they already are. Keep it chill.
  • Moving, being agile, lifting, climbing ladders, squatting. It’s no desk job.
  • Decluttering responsibly. Most clients don’t want everything thrown into hard rubbish, and nor do I for that matter. Donations and recycling programs are key.

How to become a Professional Organiser – also be prepared for:

  • Your friends and family to not understand what you are striving for. “You want to become a cleaner?” “Why can’t people just do that on their own?” etc.
  • Charging approximately $60-$150 per hour. Start on the low side and you can increase as you get more experience.
  • Nerodiversity and NDIS clients. Cos most of us don’t fill our diaries with celebrity wardrobe jobs. That’s just on The Home Edit.
  • Dust and pet hair.
  • A lot of driving.
  • Op shop and recycling drops, maybe some online sales as well if you are up for it.
  • Light cleaning. No point restocking a dusty shelf, so a bit of wiping will be appreciated.
  • People’s stories. It’s often a relevant part of helping them with their stuff. Also, clients like chatting to people who are impartial yet trusted. That’s you! Like a hairdresser, but for their stuff.

How to become a Professional Organiser – get started

Marie Kondo
The Home Edit
Space Invaders

Books by Peter Walsh and Marie Kondo. There are lots more, just have a look online.

Podcasts including The Art of Decluttering, A Slob Comes Clean, Little Home Organised and more.

Social Media decluttering and organising groups. Also follow some local PO organisations for tips and possible employment opportunities. That includes ours. Also check out Space and Time and The Lifestylers Group. They may be hiring.

In the meantime
Roll up your sleeves. Declutter your house. Every cupboard. Offer to do projects for friends and family. Help them unpack when they move and pay attention to thoughtful stocking of cupboards. And please, please take before and after photos. They will be great for your website and social media.

How to become a Professional Organiser – get serious

  • Do some research or a course on creating a business from scratch.
  • Create a company name, website, Google Business Profile account, and social media pages.
  • Splash your before and after photos everywhere, use testimonials from the friends you helped.
  • Join the IOPO (International Organisation of Professional Organisers). Put their logo on your website. Also have a look around at their content, do some courses and get on their directory, which has pretty good online visibility.
  • Get insurance.
  • Try some jobs on Airtasker. You’ll need to offer lower quotes than experienced Professional Organisers who have reviews. But it’s handy to build up a profile on this platform and get some experience away from your brand. You will also get some return clients who start to contact you directly.
  • In the meantime, work on your brand, social media content and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to spread the word.

How to become a Professional Organiser – further steps

By now you have joined some professional bodies and groups and have more access to insider info. Start thinking about your niche. Mental health? Hoarding? Posh pantries? Digital decluttering? The industry is broader than you thought, right? Do some further training in areas that interest you, and shout it from the rooftops.

Good luck, and fly free! There is a lot of demand and it’s an exciting industry, so I wish you well.

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