Do I have too much clutter?

Do I have too much clutter, a couple grapples with boxes

It’s easy to come away from a stay at an Airbnb feeling inferior about your overstuffed cupboards, or to covet your friend’s kitchen setup because she seems to have every kind of wine glass.

So what’s even normal? How much is too much clutter?

Do I have too much clutter?

Here are some signs you have too much stuff:

  1. You don’t really know what you own.
  2. You buy duplicates of things you already have.
  3. You are embarrassed by the state of your house.
  4. Cupboards and drawers don’t close properly.
  5. You feel overwhelmed by your stuff.
  6. You find it easier to buy new than look in your cupboards.
  7. You have junk drawers, and more than one.
  8. You have a junk room, which is mainly storage.
  9. Your flat surfaces are covered in items.
  10. You can’t put things away because storage areas and drawers are already full.
  11. You sometimes wish your stuff was consumed by fire or flood.
  12. You have to move things out of the way to work on your table or benchtops.
  13. You don’t need to unpack after holidays because you have many alternatives to the contents of your suitcase.
  14. You hire an external storage unit.
  15. Despite the above, you want more storage space.

Everybody’s clutter tolerance is different. Some of us function well with a messy desk and others need clear calm surfaces to even start a task. The truth is though, if you answered Yes to any of the above, there is room for improvement.

The benefits of decluttering include having a great-looking home, feeling calmer, saving time and money, and creating opportunities for your self and home.

According to studies, reducing clutter is good for mental health, sleep, relationships and clarity of thought.

If you are asking “Do I have too much clutter?“, the answer is probably yes.

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