How many clothes do I need?

Fashion is a big polluter and a cluttered wardrobe is not fun to use.

So. How many clothes do I need?

How many clothes do I need. A lady looks at her items
ClothesMinimalistAverage Joe Ample
underwear (sets)89-1516+
socks (pairs)89-1516+
long sleeved shirts56-1011+
short sleeved shirts78-1213+
dressy outfits23-56+
activewear pieces45-89+
shoes (pairs)45-910+

How many clothes do I need? Variables.

  • How often you do laundry. We based the list on about once a week but the more often you wash, the less you need.
  • Climate. The list assumes a moderate climate like Melbourne.
  • Profession. Yoga teachers will have different needs to corporates.
  • Hobbies. Pastimes may require unique garments. Your wardrobe should reflect your life.
  • Gender and preferences. The list assumes feminine-presenting.

Here’s a more in-depth look at how many T shirts is too many, and here’s how to declutter your clothes like a pro, to achieve the goals above.

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