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before and after

Enjoy these transformative decluttering before and afters. Tidied rooms and organised cupboards are a delight to look at. They could belong to you.
The Decluttering Co’s scope extends to:
Decluttering, organising and colour coding cupboards, bookshelves and rooms.
– Working with NDIS clients where a more streamlined home will have positive effects for access and capacity building. Our services are covered by many NDIS plans.
– Working with neurodiversity, mental health issues, hoarding disorder, disability and chronic illness.
– Decluttering and organising for house sales. Decluttering helps enormously with beautifying and styling a home for sale. 
Prospective buyers will reach further into their wallets for a minimalist blank canvas they can imagine living in. Counters cluttered with appliances and shelves overflowing with personal photo frames are a huge deterrent.
At Open for Inspections, buyers open cupboards and peer in. They like to see ample storage rather than overflowing pantries. The decluttering before and after results represent a higher sale price. The Decluttering Co can make that happen. 
– Which brings me to preparing for shifting house. Why shift stuff you don’t need? The Decluttering Co can minimise your shift and also help you manage a smooth packup and unpack. 
– Room and home preparation for expectant parents, upsizing and downsizing. Changed circumstances require a fresh look at how you live, and whether your stuff serves you.
Deceased estates and taking the hard work out of the hands of the bereaved. Enlist The Decluttering Co as a compassionate but impartial aid.
– Working with children, teens and adults via hands-on assistance and coaching. 
Establishing systems and habits for calm, organised living. This includes maintaining your spaces and managing your mental load. Go zones‘ get the kids and yourself out the door faster, and good storage and lifestyle systems create productivity and flow

Removing and rehoming your unwanted goods sustainably via sales and various charities and channels to minimise guilt and landfill. Putting things into landfill is a last resort!

If you like the decluttering before and after photos, envisage yourself in the after. See yourself with more space to live, work and breathe. 

decluttering before and after garage makeover


Shima had a terrific pantry full of culinary delights. Her teen daughter has a penchant for cooking spicy Korean and Japanese cuisine, so there were lots of great ingredients. Also Shima loves the weekend markets, and picking up gourmet honey and other specialties. Shima’s pantry had lots of treats but it had run out of space and the floor had become a dumping ground. 
We pulled everything out, grouped into food types and consolidated duplicates. We wiped down sticky shelves and returned order to this amazing culinary storage area. 
The decluttering before and after results are in. Shima reports spending less time searching for things and is no longer buying duplicates. With ingredients decluttered and at her fingertips, Shima and her daughter are inspired to cook more.


Belinda has spent months working from home during the Covid lockdowns, with two young children underfoot. Understandably, organisation took a back seat and the playroom was in need of a thorough declutter. 
We took everything out, discarded broken toys and donated unwanted items on the local Good Karma network. All the functional, loved items were organised and returned to the playroom.
Belinda reports that it was a delight to walk upstairs and have everything so organised. The declutter before and after has also impressed her partner greatly.


Rachel’s garage was fairly functional, but it just had too much stuff in it. Unfinished projects and items that belonged elsewhere, were starting to take up floor space. Together we pulled everything out and sorted the junk from the keepers. 
The garage was returned to an orderly space, with less-accessed boxes placed at the back and items in high rotation in a more accessible area. We took a carload of items to the op shop. We transported some old paint tins to a paint recycling station. 
Rachel is thrilled with how quickly we transformed the space. The workbench is now clear, the boxes are labelled and there is ample room to walk through the garage. Her neighbour also asked us to visit her next. See if you can spot Rachel’s decluttering before and after photos. 


Kaylene loves clothes, and expresses her vibrant personality though colour and prints. She enjoys a spot of retail therapy.
But with new pieces coming in and nothing going out, as well as a busy schedule, her wardrobe was bursting at the seams. Also her recent breast reduction meant a lot of her clothes didn’t fit.
Kaylene’s wardrobe needed an overhaul. We firstly went through her side drawers and then focussed on her hanging clothes. Everything was piled onto the bed, categorised and evaluated. Kaylene tried on a lot of her garments and together we created a trimmer, highly functional version of her wardrobe. 
Kaylene now finds it easy and pleasurable to choose an outfit, knowing that everything looks and feels great.