Simple pleasures as an adult

Simple pleasures - clean sheets and a coffee

Adults value weird things children can’t relate to, often involving time and space. Here are some examples:

Simple pleasures

  1. Clean bed sheets
  2. Having zero plans for the weekend
  3. Having plans cancelled
  4. Finding the perfect carpark
  5. Enjoying a morning cuppa before everyone wakes up
  6. Being left alone for the day
  7. Crossing everything off the to-do list
  8. An empty inbox
  9. A full tank of petrol
  10. A bath
  11. A daytime nap
  12. Clean windows
  13. Finding the correct Tupperware and lid right away
  14. The sound of a Champagne cork popping

It’s no coincidence that almost all these simple pleasures are not about owning lots of stuff. Often when we simplify and declutter, we make room for pure joy.

Here are some more.

Can you think of anything else?

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