Declutter your house

Declutter your house with The Decluttering Co

Modern society is drowning in too much stuff. We rummage through drawers and peer into cupboards, overwhelmed with options yet unable to find exactly what we need. Even though we are certain we owned it in the past, we go and buy it again, and the clutter creep continues. Clutter impacts our living spaces, our mental health snd sometimes even relationships and tenancy.

It’s a misconception that home organising alone will create a calm, intuitive home. If you keep things that are no longer serving you, those belongings become clutter and stand in the way of a functional home.

As Declutter Coaches, our mantra is “Declutter your house first, organise it second”.

Or perhaps you don’t aim to organise. Maybe you are shifting house and want to reduce the strain and cost of moving stuff you don’t need. Or you are clearing out the home of a loved one.

We know that belongings are easy to acquire and difficult to part with. With calm and compassion, The Decluttering Co helps you make the right decisions with your stuff.

We have experience with hoarding and the whole spectrum of hoarding behaviours. We can help you reframe your relationship with your stuff.

But it’s not all talking. We have a systematic yet collaborative approach and roll up our sleeves and get busy with you, making piles for keep, donate and discard. Then we help you follow through, by loading our vehicle with donations and taking them to a range of appropriate charities and recycling hubs. We avoid landfill wherever possible, but can assist in arranging a skip or a council hard rubbish collection if necessary.

We can even list items for online sale, or put you in touch with an auction house.

Declutter your house with The Decluttering Co – it has never been so easy.