Organise your house

Organise your house with The Decluttering Co

Life is busy and chaotic – if only you could get organised. But you don’t have the mental space or time to organise your house or yourself. It’s a paradox.

That’s where The Decluttering Co comes in. We can help you declutter your house, and then organise what remains so you are living only with items you need and/or love. A curated, tidy home minimises stress, housework and expenditure. And it looks amazing.

We use a collaborative approach and work with you to minimise your stuff and maximise your storage areas and floor space. The aim is to use your home’s prime real estate (the areas in easy reach) for items you use daily while storing occasional items in less accessible areas. So that you’re not tripping over keepsakes when you’re getting dressed, or moving aside Christmas decorations in March.

We create a tailored system based on

  • how you use items.
  • how often you use items.
  • where you use items.
  • how you mentally relate to items.

It’s also important to group like with like where possible and label all your zones and storage tubs so that navigating your organised space will be intuitive and effortless. 

We implement loads of tips and tricks for getting and staying organised. We can source products for you or use what you already own.

We are experienced with neurodiversity, disability and other challenges. 

Organise your house with The Decluttering Co – it has never been so easy.

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