Pantry makeovers

Pantry makeovers with The Decluttering Co

Make food prep and cooking a pleasure, with a pantry makeover that puts everything at your fingertips.

Even if you are not an extravagant cook, you probably use this part of the house daily, to grab a hot drink or snack. So it needs to be functional. The benefits of a pantry makeover include:

  •  aesthetics
  •  speed of food prep
  •  knowing what you have and not buying it again
  • removing out-of-date products
  •  keeping pantry moths at bay
  •  making it easy for others to contribute (family members, baby sitters, etc)

Pantry sizes and configurations vary greatly, and so do goals. For example a lot of us aren’t suited to having all pantry staples decanted into matching canisters. (It looks great but requires high maintenance.) We tailor the solutions to your lifestyle.

If you want beautiful, functional tubs, turntables and. mini-shelves implemented, we can source them. Or we can use what you already have. 

We look at your kitchen as a whole, and how the pantry integrates and functions. 

We have ideas to make the best of the trickiest of spaces.