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Julie Whiting, Professional Organiser
Julie Whiting does a video for the ABC about organising

Julie whiting, professional organiser

Company founder and Melbourne Professional Organiser Julie Whiting spent her earlier years working in Japan as a copywriter and graphic designer.

Japanese culture and industry instilled in her a love of efficiency, organisation and minimalism.

Fast forward some decades, and Julie downsized to a small caravan for a year travelling across Australia with her young family. Living in a tiny house on wheels, required very calculated, organised use of space. 

And to get to that stage and rent out her house meant a massive declutter, as well as a lot of time spent rehoming goods in a thoughtful way to minimise waste and landfill. Belongings were distributed according to purpose and need. Animal shelters got old bedding, kindergartens received art supplies and community pantries were given food and toiletries. 

Op shops don’t take everything, and there are lots of alternative donation streams in our neighbourhoods that many of us don’t know about. 

Julie sold some of the more valuable items online to make extra cash. There is no shame in making money out of your belongings if you can. The main aim is to prevent them from gathering dust under your bed, negatively impacting your workflow or going into landfill when someone else could be enjoying them. 

Julie founded The Decluttering Co to address the growing problem of people having more stuff, more chaos and less time. She was inspired by her experience and by the likes of Marie Kondo to realise her passion for decluttering and putting things in order.

Apart from being a Melbourne Professional Organiser, Julie is a Declutter Coach, a problem solver, a mum and a scout leader. This means plenty of experience organising kids and teens, as well as a current Working With Children Check and Police Check. 

Creating welcoming but highly organised living spaces is not dissimilar to graphic design and copywriting. It’s about cutting through the clutter, prioritising, finding what’s important and shining a light on it.

For you this could be more family time, a craft corner, a new family member, a rental income or a beautiful clear area for working or watching movies. It’s amazing how much physical and mental space becomes available when we declutter. The possibilities are limitless.

We all accumulate stuff. It’s normal. Decluttering is an ongoing process. It requires  re-evaluating your belongings regularly with your changing needs in mind. But sometimes chaos gets the upper hand and needs a discerning eye to gain control. 

Is this the case with you?

Julie Whiting is a Melbourne Professional Organiser who loves sustainable decluttering and organising. She hates waste, and loves using reclaimed materials in her organising practice. Her Google reviews describe her as non-judgemental, flexible, pragmatic, energetic and neuro-affirming.

This experienced organiser won’t be overwhelmed by your clutter, nor will she tell you what you have to get rid of. She wants to help you live in a more intentional space and is keen to roll up her sleeves and get busy with you. No judgement, just freedom from chaos and clutter.

"When life is chaotic the answer is usually less, not more"


Studied Arts and Psychology at Melbourne University. 

Studied Graphic Design in Tokyo.

IOPO (Institute of Professional Organisers) member

Hoarding Home Solutions  graduate

Current Working with Children and Police checks.

Experienced with the NDIS and My Aged Care

Motivational Interviewing trained

Mental Health First Aid graduate

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis graduate

Covid Safe practices in place and fully vaccinated

As seen on ABC Australia and House of Wellness

As heard on ABC Radio

Based on 29 reviews
Excellent work, Julie, very meticulous and professional, would highly recommend to family and friends.
Erica Mendes
Erica Mendes
5 January 2024
I did a lot of research before deciding which professional organiser to book with and I'm so glad I went with the Decluttering Co. Julie was kind, gentle, patient and non-judgemental. Most importantly, she understood my needs as a Neurodivergent client. I'll definitely be booking another session in future!
Alice Eldridge
Alice Eldridge
29 July 2023
Julie was a pleasure to work with through the start of this process in decluttering my 1-bedroom apartment. As a first client of hers I was grateful, and satisfied after the duration that we had, and could already see the difference, at the end of this session. I highly recommend her. She was nonjudgement, patient, and worked with you with encouragement in this tougher decision of letting go of your treasured items/belongings in a calm and friendly manner/approach. When you were a little stuck with an item/belonging or if you weren't very sure to let it go, she guided you with questions, as to why you felt you may need to keep an item/belonging you may have thought or wanted held on too. She uses a similar style to the Maria Kondo style. What I really liked about her method was that she would donate certain items/belongings to the women’s shelter. If requested, she allowed you to have a 'cooling off section/area upon request, so that in your own time, you can continue to sort through this pile, and allow a little more time to be able to part with these more treasured items. Of course the outcome of this process/journey is up to you, that is, if you are actually ready to let go of things and declutter. Otherwise would recommend you to use a service that comes in, and completely just removes everything and gets rid of all your clutter, or to wait a little longer, and start the process slowly on your own, and then seek assistance from Julie, when you’re at a more ‘ready’ position in wanting to minimalize your place. This will help fast track this process to give you more inspiration, and confidence to keep up with your vision/goals, as you hope to achieve, from what you want, in your outcome, which is what I did. I wish Julie every success with her decluttering service and if anyone is hesitant, or just needs that booster of encouragement to start the process of becoming more of a minimalist/downsizing, or looking at making more space, or just wanting to organize their items/belongings, she is your angel of assistant. Thank you, Julie, for taking me on as a new client, and your time. 😊
Heidi Frey
Heidi Frey
9 February 2023
Huge thanks to Julie and her team. We were so thrilled with their work - over the moon happy. Dedication, care, attention to detail, and kindness at every stage.
Emily Keogh
Emily Keogh
25 January 2023
Julia was excellent, so helpful and very efficient. Would recommend her in a heartbeat.
Jenny Stramilos
Jenny Stramilos
5 December 2022
If you are wanting to Declutter your home, with someone who understands, Julie @ The Decluttering Co, is the person, Honestly I wasn't looking forward to getting rid of half my stuff, but she is so understanding & Helpful I'm Amazed, I Highly recommend The Decluttering Co, Easy to work with, Great communication & totally Understanding, meeting Julie from The Decluttering Co, has made my life so much easier & I'm finally able to be comfortable in my home without Clutter, Thank you, ❤️💯💯
Kimberly Taylor
Kimberly Taylor
28 November 2022
I was gifted this experience and it was one of the best gifts ever. Julie was awesome to work with and left me with great ideas to continue implementing for months/years to come. If you have ever been thinking about doing this, stop procrastinating and do it. It was the kickstart that I need and like so many other things, it so much easier do something like this with someone else. Thanks Julie :)
Heidi Reiter
Heidi Reiter
29 September 2022
Julie went above and beyond to accommodate my condition. She is good at what she does. She is professional, friendly, efficient, organized, knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, and most importantly, we worked well and accomplished a lot in just 4 hours - even in a less than ideal circumstances, I.e, no light! (we ended up relying on the mobile phone's flashlight and still got A LOT done!!!) I appreciate that her service includes item donation and garbage disposal. For you out there who are looking for assistance with decluttering, I recommend Decluttering Co service with no reservation. It's worth the peace of mind knowing the job will get done right.
4 July 2022
Julie is a complete godsend of an angel to ever grace my poor disorganised house and she managed to break things down into understandable and manageable steps that work. At no time did I feel like it was a stranger going through my things throwing things out, she was the strong and sensitive woman I needed for the job and now, my sheet cupboard looks like something from the front page of a Marie Kondo book. In addition to all of her fabulousness, she also helped me to list things for sale which I’ve turned into cold hard cash and she also rehomed a lot of my unwanted goods which felt incredible to let go of everything at once and she took the donations with her which saved me the trouble of going to the charity bins. Thank you Julie, you have been the angel on my shoulder vs the disorganised devil, she is a true gem so if you are looking for someone to help you, Julie is your person 😊
Ceri C
Ceri C
18 June 2022
Julie is the absolute best, she's been my absolute go-to whenever I need help. Especially when I am moving into a new place or even when I need perspective around decluttering around the house! Always accommodative and good vibes only.
arathi kr
arathi kr
28 May 2022