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Julie Whiting, Professional Organiser
Julie Whiting does a video for the ABC about organising

Julie whiting, professional organiser

Company founder and Melbourne Professional Organiser Julie Whiting spent her earlier years working in Japan as a graphic designer and copywriter.

Japanese culture and industry instilled in her a love of efficiency, organisation and minimalism.

Fast forward some decades, and Julie downsized to a small caravan for a year travelling across Australia with her young family. Living in a tiny house on wheels, required very calculated, organised use of space. 

And to get to that stage and rent out her house meant a massive declutter, as well as a lot of time spent rehoming goods in a thoughtful way to minimise waste and landfill. Belongings were distributed according to purpose and need. Animal shelters got old bedding, kindergartens received art supplies and community pantries were given food and toiletries. 

Op shops don’t take everything, and there are lots of alternative donation streams in our neighbourhoods that many of us don’t know about.

Julie sold some of the more valuable items online to make extra cash. There is no shame in making money out of your belongings if you can. The main aim is to prevent them from gathering dust under your bed, negatively impacting your workflow or going into landfill when someone else could be enjoying them. 

Julie founded The Decluttering Co to address the growing problem of people having more stuff, more chaos and less time. She was inspired by her experience and by the likes of Marie Kondo to realise her passion for decluttering and putting things in order.

Apart from being a Melbourne Professional Organiser, Julie is a mum and a scout leader. This means plenty of experience organising kids and teens, as well as a current Working With Children Check and Police Check. 

She still dabbles in design and copywriting. Julie enjoys the parallels between clear communication and the decluttered, intentional living facilitated by being a Professional Organiser.

“The ongoing job of creating welcoming but highly organised living spaces is not dissimilar to making a website or brochure” she says. “It’s about cutting through the clutter, prioritising, finding what’s important and shining a light on it.” 

For you this could be more family time, a craft corner, a new family member, a rental income or a beautiful clear area for working or watching movies. It’s amazing how much physical and mental space becomes available when we declutter. The possibilities are limitless.

We all accumulate stuff. It’s normal. Decluttering is an ongoing process. It requires  re-evaluating your belongings regularly with your changing needs in mind. But sometimes chaos gets the upper hand and needs a discerning eye to gain control. 

Is this the case with you?

Julie Whiting is a Melbourne Professional Organiser who loves decluttering and organising, yet hates waste. Her Google reviews describe her as non-judgemental, flexible, pragmatic and knowledgeable.

This experienced organiser won’t be overwhelmed by your clutter. She wants to help you live in a more intentional space and is keen to roll up her sleeves and get busy with you. No judgement, just freedom from chaos and clutter.

"When life is chaotic the answer is usually less, not more"

Julie Whiting


Studied Arts and Psychology at Melbourne University. 

Studied Graphic Design in Tokyo.

IOPO (Institute of Professional Organisers) member

Hoarding Home Solutions  graduate

Current Working with Children Check

Current Police Check

Experienced with the NDIS and My Aged Care

Mental Health First Aid graduate

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis graduate

Covid Safe practices in place and fully vaccinated

Scout leader and problem solver

As seen on ABC Australia and House of Wellness

As heard on ABC Radio