The Decluttering Process

The decluttering process diagram

The decluttering process involves evaluating and separating your items into piles to minimise waste and maximise benefit. The Decluttering Co processes all items together with you.


Keep: The Decluttering Co will categorise and organise your important items to reflect your lifestyle and priorities. Your belongings will look good and be easy to find and access. Some may need to be relocated to another room, which we can help determine.

DonationsThe Decluttering Co will remove your donations. We align with various charities and channels to responsibly and sustainably rehouse your items.

Sales: The Decluttering Co can manage, advise or assist with online sales.

RecyclablesThe Decluttering Co will help separate recyclables for your kerbside recycling bin and can take particular items to recycling hubs including e-waste, fabric, videos, DVDs, paint, X-rays, polystyrene and more.

Rubbish: The Decluttering Co will help separate for your kerbside bin and can manage, advise or assist with larger waste collections including rubbish skips and sensitive document and device shredding.