What does a professional organiser’s house look like?

Professional Organisers are a fairly mixed bunch. Some of us were once messy and learned techniques and hacks to make life easier. Others have always had a love of systems and order, myself included.

So what does a professional organiser’s house look like?

Well, I can only speak for mine.

Firstly, a disclaimer – it’s old. And I’m not into keeping up with the Jones’, so while I love modern interior design my house does not reflect that. It’s not recently renovated or refurbished.

I have a low tolerance for clutter, so it’s sparsely furnished.

I understand that having less stuff makes organising a lot easier, so my cupboards are not full.

I sometimes use containers within cupboards to maintain order. But I don’t overdo it, because I enjoy simplicity and dislike landfill.

I am mindful of what I bring in, because I know how insidious clutter is.

I put things away.

I love labels.

I teach my kids how to sort and categorise, but they are still messy.

So what does a professional organiser’s house look like? Like this. Nothing special.

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