Are you Future Focused?

Are you future focused? Bare calendar page with a minimalist background including timber table and cactus plant

Are You Future Focused?

Are you Future Focused? Do you perform self-care for future you, or only for current you? It’s important to remember that tasks you delay now, will haunt your future self. Being organised means minimising nasty surprises.

Now people want instant gratification, because current needs are paramount. They don’t believe a stitch time saves nine, because it doesn’t bear thinking about. They don’t write down passwords when creating accounts, meaning hours of frustration when they can’t log in to Spotify. They stuff clothes in the drawer haphazardly meaning having to get the iron out later. They drive the car with the petrol light on, risking the hassle of running out completely while driving.  

Future Focused people think about tomorrow and next week, and try to make those days better. Darning that hole so that it doesn’t get bigger. Making weekday lunches on a Sunday. Decluttering so we don’t spend hours looking for things we know are somewhere. Decluttering even more in advance of Christmas gifts rolling in, to make room. Doing a kids’ nit check once a month so the critters don’t get out of control. Ticking off things now because they have to be done anyway, right?

Are you Future Focused? Probably not 100%. There is a Now person and a Future Focused person in all of us. Even those of us who religiously lay out our clothes the night before work may put off a dental checkup or submitting a tax return.  

So what is the answer? Be kind to ourselves, relax a little. Plan for the future then meditate. Enjoy a gin and tonic or two and follow it up with an alcohol-free day. Simplify things a bit. Embrace the tension and the variance that is humanity.

Thankfully yesterday’s Future Focused me put some wine and chocolate in the fridge. And Now me wants to consume them. 

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