Organising with children

Organising with children and The Decluttering Co

With kids comes a lot of work, a lot of love and a lot of … stuff.

Organising with children means fostering their independence so they can function in their spaces, including:

  • Playroom: finding and enjoying their belongings and putting them away.
  • Bedroom: a restful zone for sleep, reading and then getting dressed in the morning.
  • Routines and schedules. Including nightly rituals and go-zones to find their shoes and get out the door. 

We can work alongside your child on what motivates them, and how to manage their stuff. This could be anything from Lego storage to study nooks and teenage retreats, for the benefit of the whole family.

Or we can be briefed on their interests and clothing size, and sort out their bedroom to perfection.

Let us restore family harmony! 

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Organising with children - an infant goes through a row of books