Clutter disorganisation and mess – what’s the difference? 

Clutter disorganisation and mess

Clutter disorganisation and mess – Clutter

Clutter is too much unnecessary stuff.  Clogging your spaces and sapping your energy. You may like each item individually, but together, it’s excessive and chaotic. We often want All the Things, but when the volume is high, a lot of it will inevitably become clutter. 

Solution: Make a decision on each item and try to let go of a volume of things in accordance with your overall goal.

Clutter disorganisation and mess – Disorganisation

Organisation is being prepared and having a place for everything. Disorganisation is the opposite. Disorganisation is lack of order. This makes it difficult to know what you own, to avoid double-purchasing and to put things away.

Solution: Group your belongings into categories and store like with like, preferably near their point of performance (where they are used). If you find lots of duplicates, declutter.

Clutter disorganisation and mess – Mess

Mess occurs when you don’t put things away. It can be a by-product of clutter because when you have too much stuff hogging your storage, putting things away becomes difficult. But it can also be situational and short-term, for example only at dinnertime or during a hectic project. Mess is ok if it’s stuff you use and get value from.

Solution: Tidy up as you go, or once a day, or once a week. Whatever you decide, make a plan that is maintainable.

Clutter, disorganisation and mess – remember that all these terms are morally neutral. You don’t have to avoid any of them to conform to someone else’s stereotype.

But they can create stress and dysfunction, especially where they overlap. 

How to help a hoarder

How to help a hoarder

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