Can I claim decluttering on tax?

Clients often ask “can I claim decluttering on tax?”

This post is going to be riddled with disclaimers:

  • I am not a tax accountant
  • I am not an anything accountant

OK so maybe not riddled, but those are my caveats.

Can I claim decluttering on tax?

Yes maybe. (There, I said it)
If you are a sole trader or operating a business, and
If I declutter a space you work in, or
If you are doing paperwork or digital decluttering related to your work.

Most deductions for the home are only applicable if home is the principal place of business. This has never been as relevant as now, when many of us are working in pyjamas and wrangling kids and pets.

However there are various checks that may be situation-specific, so please check with your accountant or the ATO.

And get in touch if The Decluttering Co. can help you get you organised!

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