Set up a Go Zone for kids (as published on Kidspot)

Go Zone
Photo courtesy of Nikky Connell

Go Zones are go!

Ready, set go! The Go Zone is like a set of starting blocks for your household, containing all the essentials for a smooth exit. Car keys – check! Sunscreen – check! Schoolbags – check!

It’s a great idea for
– streamlining departures
– minimising last-minute dashes inside to find forgotten items.
We have all heard cries of “muuuuum, where are my school shoes?” The setup also provides an area for everyone in the family to store their daily items.

It’s important not to get too carried away. Otherwise the Go Zone will be a dumping ground for items people like to rid themselves off as soon as they cross the threshold. Shoes kicked off, dirty socks strewn around and unpacked bags with mouldering bananas. That’s NOT what we want.

Full Go Zone article here.

There are some further tips to encourage kids to stay tidy here.

You can also help children declutter.

For another amazing kid hack, have you heard of colour-coding the kids?

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