Rehoming your goods

Rehoming your goods with The Decluttering Co

We are experts at rehoming your goods via various charities to avoid landfill.

We know who accepts what, including how to get bedding to rescued animals, baby stuff to mums in need and furniture to refugees. Op shops don’t take everything, and are often not the best recipient for your treasures.

Do you know that most optometrists accept eyeglasses to be distributed and reused in third world countries?

There are also numerous recycling programs across Melbourne that accept paint, e-waste, X-rays, pens, and much more. 

We do drop-offs across all of them, to dispose of your items as thoughtfully as possible. 

We can also help you sell your valuable items, using eBay, Marketplace, consignment stores and auction houses. 

Decluttering is one thing, knowing what to do with donations and recycling is another. Let us help.

rehoming your goods - piles of clothes and bedding