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Sustainable decluttering services Melbourne.

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Decluttering services Melbourne.
We help you organise and reclaim your home.

Having stuff is normal. But clutter can get overwhelming. Your home should work for you, not the other way around. Tidy house, tidy mind.

We give you non-judgemental, hands-on assistance and expertise to help you gain control and manage your stuff, while putting you in the driver’s seat. We help you declutter, cull and reorganise. We even remove and rehome your surplus sustainably, to minimise landfill. 98% of our organising materials are reused or reclaimed. 

Decluttering services Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. 

Decluttering services Melbourne - Where to start

Less housework, more house. Less storage room, more living room.

Make your living spaces organised and beautiful by removing instead of adding. Find what you are looking for, fast. Get organised and reclaim your house and your sanity.

Pantries are a crucial part of a functional, healthy home.

An organised pantry is efficient and beautiful, saving you time and money. 

Your wardrobe is important. You access it daily, and it makes you feel put-together and ready to start the day. 

We workshop your style and priorities with you, to create a curated selection of clothes that suit your life.

Imagine having a curated toy selection that your children love, and are inspired to put away after use.

Independent, organised kids means benefits for everyone – especially parents.

Edit and organise your garage.

Create an area which suits your needs. Home gym, man cave or easy outdoor and vehicle storage. Anything is possible. 

Work smarter, not harder.

Embrace technology and minimise unneccesary paperwork. Declutter and organise your workspace to maximise positivity and productivity. Your work day will get a whole lot better.

Whether it’s physical,. psychosocial, mental health, neurodivergence or a combination – we can help you manage your space. We have a non-judgemental and neuro-affirming approach, and can bill to your NDIS plan.

We have some great strategies for neurodivergent brains .

Our neuro-affirming, collaborative approach provides tailored support and adaptions.

We are great at helping you move house, upsize and downsize, and stage your home for sale.
A decluttered house is much more saleable, as it provides a blank canvas and shows your buyers how much space there is. 

We are expert at organising and styling deceased estates to take the hard work out of the hands of the bereaved.

We provide non-judgemental assistance for more extreme clutter and hoarding where attachments to belongings are strong and the process is difficult.

We won’t tell you what to get rid of, but we will help you prioritise and forge a path through clutter.  

And it’s all done at your own pace.

We avoid landfill, and prefer rehoming your goods sustainably via various channels.

We can sell and donate your surplus belongings for you. Get peace of mind and more space where you need it.

We love travel, but there is a lot involved in travel preparation. Reservations, house sitters, pets, plants, schedules and suitcases.

We have all the right lists and ideas to make it easy and fun.

Clutter can be tied up with your to-do list. Clothes that require mending, items that need returning to people or shops, things to be packaged up and mailed and even deeper research like insurance and holiday planning. 

We love all organising and concierge tasks. 

We excel at establishing systems and habits for calm, organised living. Chore charts, go-zones, meal plans etc. 

We can create a tailored program to help you develop effective habits to achieve your household and personal goals. 


Look good

Decluttered, organised spaces are a joy to look at. This means living, working and entertaining at home will be a pleasure.

Feel great

Studies show that less clutter is good for mental health. There is improvement to clarity of thought, relationships and even sleep. Decluttering brings about a sense of organisation, accomplishment and flow.

Save time

Breeze through your day with everything at your fingertips and no wasted time searching for your things. Get organised and reclaim your day.

Stay clean

A decluttered, organised home makes cleaning easy. You save time and money on housework, meaning there is nothing between you and a clean home.