Are you a Hot Mess? Take the quiz.

Is your life organised or are you a hot mess?

are you a hot mess, a shoe and clothes on a lamp shade

What is in your fruit bowl right now?

Neat fruit bowl full of limes, oranges and lemons

How messy is your car?

The neat, clean interior of a blue vintage car. The steering wheel has wooden panelling

What do you do with your suitcase upon return from your holiday?

2 suitcases on a neat doorstep with a French bulldog and cactus nearby

Do you have a lot of sentimental items?

mess of sentimental items on a bench top including a video and papers

How do you feel about having guests in your home?

Arial view of a dinner party. 7 guests all have a full plate and are leaning forward to touch glasses in the middle of the table

What does your computer desktop look like?

A messy computer desktop with open files including a weather website and Google search results

What is the status of your wardrobe at the moment?

Neat closet wardrobe or shop containing hanging dresses and tops, and folded jeans and jumpers

How do you manage your paperwork?

Tax, other paperwork and a calculator are on the floor in front of someone sitting down out of shot

What does the exterior of your fridge look like?

Fridge exterior in a neat kitchen with timber floor and no mess

What does the interior of your fridge look like?

Lit-up fridge interior in a dark room with little mess

Are you a Hot Mess? Take the quiz
You are a Hot Mess

Messy dark kitchen sink in front of a window, with pots and pans on the drying rack

You are great at living in the moment, stumbling in from Friday after-work drinks, dumping your bag in the kitchen and finding a rancid Tupperware container in it Monday morning. Or taking off to the beach with the kids for the weekend leaving the sink piled with dishes. People love your spontaneity and vigour. Don't ever change! Well at least not too much. Consider contacting The Decluttering Co to get some better systems in place.
You are a lukewarm mess

A young woman with curly hair sits on the floor amidst packed boxes, and she is looking into an open laptop.

You have a healthy respect for organisation and also enjoy a wine in front of Netflix. Whether you schedule your tidying for weekends, or just fit it in when you can, you are not afraid to go to bed with dishes in the sink. Bravo! Drop us a line at The Declutter Co for further improvements.
You are a neat freak

neatly ordered hanging T shirts sorted by colour

You are tidy, organised and a lover of systems like us at The Decluttering Co. Remember to relax sometimes and put your feet up.

Being organised means fewer nasty surprises.

Here is a handy article about getting your shit together. And another about how cluttered you really are. If you need help with your stuff and your systems, get in touch.

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