Why clutter is your enemy

clutter is your enemy - a pug dog looks sad

Clutter is your enemy. Let me count the ways.

1. Clutter is your enemy because it isolates you:

  • You avoid inviting friends over for dinner or drinks.
  • You are too embarrassed to have neighbours or social groups in for a coffee.
  • You can’t have someone stay over because your spare room is not fit for house guests.
  • You spend weekends doing the clutter-churn instead of socialising.

2. Clutter is your enemy because it wastes your time:

  • Rummaging for things you can’t find.
  • Researching and shopping for things you already own.
  • Shifting clutter piles around to do housework.
  • Organising and reorganising your stashes of stuff. Stuff you don’t even need or love.

3. Clutter is your enemy because it wastes your money, therefore you:

  • Repurchase items you have already paid for and can’t find.
  • Pay late fees on bills you have mislaid in your mess.
  • Spend money on restaurants, bars and hotels when you could be enjoying your home.
  • Buy items that promise to organise your clutter (but rarely deliver).
  • Misplace gift vouchers and store returns so that they lose their value.
  • Lose productivity with your work and career because of the state of your home office and mind.

4. Clutter is your enemy because it stresses you out:

  • Demanding your attention and distracting you.
  • Making you feel overwhelmed.
  • Impacting your quality of sleep.
  • Reducing your productivity in the home.

Studies show a link between a high density of household objects, and elevated cortisol.

5. Clutter is your enemy because it taunts and bullies you:

  • Harassing you about clothes that no longer fit and hobbies you abandoned.
  • Tormenting you about money spent.
  • Reminding you of all the things you need to deal with.
  • Telling you you’re a failure. (You’re not)

You would not put up with this behaviour from a friend or partner.
Clutter saps your time, energy, money and wellbeing. Get rid of it once and for all.

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