Declutter FAQ

how does the process work?

After an initial phone consultation, we come to your home and talk a bit further about your lifestyle and your decluttering goals. Then we get to work. In consultation with yourself, things will be pulled out, evaluated and put into piles for keep, sell, donate and discard. After a light wipe, what remains is organised and returned to storage. There will be constant discussion with you about how to tailor the space to your needs. We can discuss organising products if required. Also we can remove, donate and sell unwanted items for you. If you want help establishing systems, we can talk about how to streamline your routine. Chore charts, time management, meal planning, filing systems and go zones for your children can help you every day. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Do I need a Professional Organiser?

Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you struggle to make decisions about where to put things? Do you have items which don’t really belong anywhere specific? Do you buy double-ups of household items because you can’t find what you own? Do you have a garage or spare room (aka junk room) which you would prefer to use for something else? Does it take you ages to get out the door because you are scrambling to find what you need? Do you have a change in your life like renovation, upsizing or downsizing? Have you thought about decluttering before but the task seems too big? Do you feel embarrassed when people drop in unannounced? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then you need The Decluttering Co. Also read this post: Do I Need a Professional Organiser?

How much does decluttering cost ?

Rates vary between $90 and $100 per hour, depending on the package. We don’t charge per project because there are so many variables. The time spent will depend on how much stuff you have, what you want to achieve aesthetically,  and how detailed the rehoming is. Sorting out a drawer of Lego can take longer than an entire junk room, depending on your goals. But as a rough guide it takes 2-8 hours to declutter and organise one room or space. Check out our pricing packages and if you want a more personalised quote or information, please get in touch. We have some tips on how to get the best value out of our services.


This is a commonly-Googled declutter FAQ. You will get the most noticeable results from decluttering high traffic areas like your kitchen and pantry. Also the kitchen contains fewer sentimental items, which makes culling easier. If the entire kitchen seems overwhelming, start with your most frequently-used kitchen drawers. The wardrobe is another popular decluttering zone, but it’s wise to ask yourself what your pain points are. Which part of your routine frustrates you the most? Read the starter’s guide, and you can also get in touch and we will help you prioritise.


Definitely not, but a great declutter FAQ. Decluttering deals with your possessions and deciding what to keep. It has nothing to do with dust or grime. Wiping down your shelves is a nice touch during decluttering, but it is not integral to the process.

What is the difference between decluttering and organising?

Both are important. Decluttering comes first and minimises your workload by getting rid of unnecessary items. Then we organise what remains by sorting and grouping. Organising is important for aesthetics and also finding your belongings later. Thankfully, The Decluttering Co can help with everything.

What about sentimental items?

We won’t make you throw out all your sentimental items. Memories are very important. But, since this is a common declutter FAQ, we have a few suggestions. Prioritise (do you need ALL of them?), take photos of items and even repurpose them into something great. Sometimes it’s useful to keep things out of sight for a while to test out how much you miss them. The Decluttering Co has various tactics and can see what suits.

Can the Decluttering Co help with hoarding?

Definitely! The term hoarding is used a lot, and can simply mean accumulating items, which is normal. On a more serious level it is also listed in the current DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). Either way, as long as the client wants to declutter, The Decluttering Co is here to help, and has done specific hoarding training. Chatting to a GP or counsellor to get to the root of the problem might also be necessary. In the meantime, you can look at this hoarding assessment measurement tool.

Will I have to buy containers?

We try to avoid purchasing unnecessary plastic, and prefer to remove rather than add. Also, during the decluttering process we often find ample containers amidst your belongings. New matching containers may be useful to maintain your organised spaces. They are also aesthetically apealling. However they are definitely not crucial. We wrote a post about using containers that you can consult

Why is decluttering so hard?

This is a great declutter FAQ! Decluttering is often not prioritised, as it is rarely as urgent as getting to work on time or feeding the kids. The interesting thing is that the less clutter you have, the easier everything else becomes. Try it! Give us a call.

Do i need to be present for the decluttering?

A popular declutter FAQ! Yes We recommend that you are present when The Decluttering Co is dealing with your items, because everyone lives a bit differently. We want to ensure you get a tailored service and nothing important is discarded or left out of the process. In ongoing declutter sessions once we know your vision, your continued presence may not be as crucial.

Can you help me sell and rehome my unwanted items?

Minimising waste and landfill is a core value of The Decluttering Co. Via various channels including eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace, we may be able to sell some of your items. We would also love to coach and empower you to do your own selling if you want. For donations we utilise the online Good KarmaBuy Nothing and Freecycle groups. We also align with specific charities for certain items, and donate to op shops for less targeted rehousing. 

Can you help me style my home?

Definitely! Via the following strategies your home will receive a huge makeover: (1) remove all excess from cupboards and storage (2) declutter and find homes for everything on bench tops and floors (3) look at the functionality of the existing furniture placement. Are there clean lines and clear walkways? Could the furniture be updated to something more fit-for-purpose? (4) Add some finishing touches like decor and greenery to make the decluttered space truly shine. Perhaps even employ the Rule of Three. Rest assured that our home styling solutions are simple and cost-effective.

Are you similar to 'The Home Edit' on Netflix?

The Home Edit is an engaging series. Clea and Joanna do a wonderful job of culling goods and beautifying spaces. But (1) ‘Pinterest pretty’ can be different to real life,  (2) The compressed timeline and large team on the show gives the impression of a much speedier turnaround time than is often realistic (3) We try to work with what’s available in the space before purchasing storage bins. The show is made primarily for entertainment. However if you want colour-coordinated Tupperware or books arranged by colour, we are happy to make it happen. It is indeed, a very satisfying result to look at.


We are not certified Marie Kondo consultants. However we have  consumed a lot of the KonMarie content so are very familiar with the method. We have some similar strategies.


Yes! The Decluttering Co’s services are covered by many NDIS plans. NDIS participants include neurally and physically atypical clients, and we deal with parents and plan managers as well. Decluttering services are beneficial for home access and capacity building. 

A hanging assortment of dresses and striped tops are arranged neatly. Declutter FAQ