A pantry tidy (as published on Howards Storage World)

A Quick Pantry Tidy

Once or twice a year I know a pantry tidy is necessary because I start to hate my pantry and everything in it.

Why on earth is there tinned chicken in here? (I bought it for a camping trip and unsurprisingly nobody wanted it)

Who the hell tears a packet open right through the middle? (Everyone)

Why is the flour stained with soy sauce? (No idea)

While I contemplate the answer to these and other deep questions, I get to work and give my pantry a tidy. Once you tame it properly, a spruce-up is super easy.

Full pantry tidy article here.

And more pantry musings here.

Also if you need help with your pantry or anything else, reach out and get in touch.

How to help a hoarder

How to help a hoarder

Now that I have your attention, ‘someone who hoards’ is a more respectful way to address them. Be mindful of your language AND your actions. Decluttering behind their back can actually make the problem worse. Take baby steps and let them retain control.

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Has Marie Kondo gone rogue

Has Marie Kondo gone rogue?

Marie Kondo the queen of clean let slip that since the birth of her third child, shit has gotten real at home. She has had to reprioritise her time, which is totes understandable.

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space invaders season 3 - Cherie, Peter Angie

Space Invaders Season 3

Space Invaders Season 3 features Peter Walsh, Cherie Barber and Angie Kent waving their magic wands on cluttered homes across Sydney, and transforming lives in the process.

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Grouping Like with Like - a jar of colourful pens

Grouping Like with Like

Grouping Like with Like helps with decluttering, so you know what you can safely cull. It helps with organising, so you can find things easily and intuitively. And it helps with maintenance, so you don’t keep buying duplicates.

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