Does your wardrobe reflect your life?

Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at what we are storing, and why. This includes our wardrobes.

Does your wardrobe reflect your life?
Or does it suit a former version of yourself?
Or the life you feel you should lead? Dresses you would love to throw on and feel great in (but that would mean shaving your legs), cute pants that don’t quite fit anymore.

Covid and lockdowns have upended our lives. For one thing, we’ve been leaving home a lot less and for another we have been thinking about what we value. Grey hair and lounge wear have never been so acceptable.

A re-evaluation of our personal style may be in order.

I realised recently that I don’t actually wear a lot of my clothes, they were just … there.

Does your wardrobe reflect your life? Clothes I hate

I have way too many of these.

  • Purchased impulsively and never worn.
  • Received as a gift and never liked.
  • Once loved but now sad and mis-shapen.
  • Make me feel shabby and flabby.

Solution: Cull, donate, sell online. Please get rid of them so you don’t feel compelled to get use out of these loathed items. Life’s too short.

Does your wardrobe reflect your life? Formal

I have way too many of these.

If you add up all the cocktail dresses, faux-fur coats, stockings and heels, there is too much formal energy in my wardrobe. For me, anyway.

I am never going to wear all those gorgeous frocks I bought for a spate of cocktail parties and weddings ten years ago. I thought I would, but they just don’t work in new contexts. Similarly, I have retained several bridesmaids dresses with optimistic fervour. Lovely and loved – yes. Re-usable – no.

Solution: Cull, donate, sell online. Also feel free to use the good stuff. If you want to wear fishnets while you are gardening, please do.

Does your wardrobe reflect your life? Active/leisure wear

I don’t have enough of these.

Blame Covid, blame getting older, blame the fact that we should not spend our lives being uncomfortable.

Comfortable clothes, get in my life.

  • Stretchy tight cosy clothes I’m talking about you.
  • Loose soft clothes with elasticised waists I’m talking about you.
  • Clothes that look the same whether or not I have just had a full meal, I am Talking. About. You.

Because I deserve to be comfortable and don’t need to please anybody else.

Solution: Wear them and enjoy them.

Does your wardrobe reflect your life? Smart Casual

I have approximately the correct amount of these.

(By the way this category includes jeans)

I wear them whenever I don’t want to look like a slob.
When I’m going to work.
When I’m going to a social gathering.

Solution: None, carry on.

Does your wardrobe reflect your life? Too-small clothes

If you have aspirational thin clothes that are more than a year old it might be time to cull. Chances are, by the time you get back into them (if ever) you will want and deserve some new gear. For now, stop tormenting yourself with past and future versions of yourself.

Solution: Cull, donate, sell online.

Does your wardrobe reflect your life? Niche items

Do you have fancy-dress items for every occasion? Do you have sports clothes for pastimes you no longer practice? Fencing is a hell of a sport, but is it the real, current you?

Solution: Cull, donate, sell online.

Sometimes when we think we have nothing to wear it’s just that our wardrobes are stuffed with things that don’t suit our needs.

You need to get pie chart 1. to more closely match pie chart 2.

You can find a comprehensive list of clothes-decluttering techniques here. If you need hands-on assistance, reach out and get in touch.

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