The Swedish philosopy of Lagom – yes you can have too much.

Lagom means not too much, not too little, just right

Lagom (pronounced “la-gum”) means “just enough”. It is the Swedish encapsulation of Goldilocks – not too much, not too little, just right. Or in more modern terms, everything in moderation.

Lagom is not new

The notion that excess and coveting leads to misery, can be found in ancient Hindu, Buddhist, and Greek philosophy, as well as most religions.

But Lagom is always relevant

The Lagom concept works in modern settings too.

Don’t go overboard drinking alcohol, eating treats, using the internet, or exercising. Just enough can sate without saturating, and without doing future harm.

And Lagom is not just a selfish mantra that looks after future you – it also means consideration for those around you. Don’t get drunk and act foolishly. Don’t covet all the cookies in a sharing situation. Don’t be glued to your screen or exercise routine so that you ignore relationships. Balance is key for you and for your community.

Some ways to implement Lagom into your life

  • Rethink the productivity mindset, the notion that we always have to be working and striving. If you have an enjoyable job that doesn’t cause stress and gives you enough money and time, be grateful for that.
  • Don’t overcommit. You don’t have to be doing all the things. It’s ok to decline invitations. Comfy pyjamas and a movie can make for the perfect night.
  • Nurture a small but curated bunch of relationships. Don’t stretch yourself too far. Relationship minimalism is a thing.
  • To be healthy, you don’t need $500 training shoes or a biodynamic vegan diet. Regular walks in nature and a moderate diet are enough for health and wellbeing.
  • You don’t need the latest fashion and fads. Reject the consumerist narrative. Too much stuff causes a lot of stress. Trust me on that one.

Here are some more ideas to simplify your life.

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