Clutter creep – the progression from order to chaos

Clutter creep - a box of clutter

Clutter Creep and how you got into this mess

Certain factors make Clutter Creep inevitable. Accumulation of stuff, lack of time and space, messy kids, illness, the list goes on.

Here are the stages – which one are you?

Clutter creep stageHouseFunctionalityFeeling
Cupboards are spacious, benchtops mostly empty.You know what you own and can find what you need. Can have guests over spontaneously. Can indulge in a spot of craft or another hobby easily, as there is plenty of space.Calm, happy, high-functioning mentally and physically.
Benchtops get a bit cluttered but things can be put away into cupboards periodically when time permits. Clutter creep has started.Can usually find what you need. Can have guests over or do a hobby – just need 30 minutes to tidy and set up.Calm, happy, occasionally a bit frazzled.
Benchtops are always cluttered as possessions live there permanently. Cupboards are pretty full. Clutter creep is on the move. Can find what you need if you have used it recently. Having guests over or hobbying/crafting requires several hours of cleaning and tidying.Like a duck – calm on the surface but paddling madly under the water.
Things are constantly being shuffled to prepare food or eat a meal at the table. Cupboards are completely full, so frequently-used items are not put away. Clutter creep is gaining the upper hand.Often re-purchasing things you know you already own. The idea of having people over is a bit overwhelming. Would love to do a hobby but there is not much space.Stressed, hate looking at the chaos, and zone out at the end of each day to escape it.
Piles and tubs of clutter live on floors and tables. Cupboards and benchtops are full. Belongings are dusty, missing pieces, getting stepped on and kicked aside. Clutter creep is now clutter domination. You are not sure what you own, as it’s too much to keep track of or find. You keep having to re-purchase things rather than look for them. Too riddled with overwhelm and guilt to have guests or do a hobby at home.Sometimes you are resigned to it but there is a sense of dread and overwhelm at your surroundings, wondering how it got this bad.

Which number are you? Read here, how to get started and drop a level or 2.

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