What do I need to become a minimalist?

What do I need to become a minimalist - empty notepad so nothing

“What do I need to become a minimalist?” is asked a lot.

As if there is some kind of prescriptive shopping list to turn your home or wardrobe into a beautiful blank canvas, ready for the perfect life.

But the very question misses the point.

If you are scrambling for new shopping opportunities to become minimalist, put your credit card away.

Remember the mantra:

  1. Own less
  2. Do less
  3. Want less

To simplify your life, try removing and not adding. Try appreciating rather than coveting.

You don’t need anything in particular, nor is there any prescriptive amount of items you should own because everybody is different.

Think about decluttering and stripping right back. Look into what The Minimalists call a Packing Party. Use what you already have rather than create more landfill. And calm the conspicuous consumption, it’s an endless cycle.

“What do I need to become a minimalist?” Nothing.

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