Wardrobe makeovers

Wardrobe makeovers with The Decluttering Co

Whether you prefer a minimalist ‘uniform’ way of dressing to cut down on decision fatigue, or a varied clothing selection that suits your daily mood – a wardrobe makeover will help. Our approach will be tailored to your goals and current style.

It’s a great opportunity to cut back on fast fashion, and put together a fabulous collection of basics and accessories that work well together. Our wardrobe makeover can also help reveal what items may be missing.

Consideration will be given to aspirational clothes (that you want to fit into), occasional clothes, and sentimental clothes, but your primary attire will be front and centre, making getting dressed a breeze. 

And what do you do with clothes worn once that you don’t want to hang with your freshly-washed gear? We have ideas. 

You are welcome to try garments on as we go, or save a ‘try-on’ pile for later. We will guide you through the process in a systematic way to create a functional wardrobe that makes you feel amazing. 

Depending on your budget, we can source new clothes hangers for a consistent aesthetic, or use what you already have. We can also devise storage solutions for your drawers, and for those infrequently-accessed items. 

If you are anything like us, you don’t want to be wearing heels and stiff clothing every day, so let our wardrobe makeover match your clothes to your life.