Travel packing and preparation

We make travel packing and prep easy

Going away on holidays is great, but pre-travel arrangements can be overwhelming. They require organisation, focus, and lots of decisions. For some people, the anxiety of remembering everything and making a smooth departure can be a disincentive to travel.

The Decluttering Co has all the right lists, ideas and systems to implement with you in a tailored way, so that you feel supported and calm for your trip. 

We can help with

  • Booking travel arrangements
  • Finding a house sitter
  • Instructions and systems for a house sitter
  • Decluttering and cleaning for a house sitter
  • Managing pets
  • Packing suitcases
  • Making schedules 
  • Other pre-travel tasks

Whether you are embarking on an epic international vacay or just heading up the coast on a road trip, we would love to help with your travel packing and preparation.