Author: Julie

Decluttering tips for 2022

New year, same clutter? It’s time to get a fresh start with your stuff. Decluttering tips for 2022 Start small and build up, to gain

How to declutter without making a mess

Decluttering and organising are like re-constructing a poorly-made Ikea bed your drunk stepdad put together in a hurry. It’s difficult to fix without first taking

Why do we Clutter?

If I had a dollar for everyone who looks at their clutter and says “I have no idea why this is here”, I’d be rich.

How many clothes do I need?

Fashion is a big polluter and a cluttered wardrobe is not fun to use. So. How many clothes do I need? Clothes Minimalist Average Joe

Clutter lurking in every home

There is clutter lurking in every home, in particular the following items. They wear a disguise of usefulness but are not worth the space they

What is relationship minimalism?

Minimalism does not mean living like a monk or having no furniture. Rather it’s about prioritising and being intentional, to bring the good stuff into