Terms and Conditions 


Services and Terms of Engagement

The Decluttering Co provides services to meet your organising needs as outlined in our initial discussion and confirmation email. The success of our services is dependent upon your co-operation, and we are not responsible for needs/expectations not being met where you fail to co-operate with us.

The speed and success of the process depends on your decision-making and the volume and intricacy of the work being performed.

We will keep any information we receive confidential between us. We agree not to remove confidential information from your possession without consent and we will not disclose any information that is confidential to you. Any written action plans provided by The Decluttering Co remain confidential and are not to be used or disclosed to any third party without our consent.

While we take the time and care to ensure that your property or possessions are not damaged in the provision of our services, we hold Liability Insurance in the event that accidental damage occurs.

You are responsible for doing all things necessary to ensure the safety of The Decluttering Co representatives attending your premises and you are liable for any injury caused to our representatives and for any loss or damage to our property whilst on your premises.

The Decluttering Co cannot work in neglected conditions or where there is odour (including cigarette), food waste, human or animal waste, mould or pathogens. Also the Decluttering Co cannot attend dangerous premises where the building is unsafe or there is a safety threat from people or animals. 

If you have misrepresented your property conditions and we are unable to proceed, we will retain your deposit and issue you with an invoice for the remainder of the entire session fees, which will be payable within 14 days. 

Our services are conducted in the presence of the client/property owner unless we are provided with written authorisation from the client/property owner granting The Decluttering Co access to the premises.

Third Parties

At times we may recommend that you purchase goods from a third party. We are not a retailer. Whilst we may purchase products on your behalf, we do so with your consent, as your agent. Such products are subject to 10% markup. Any faults or defects with the goods are the responsibility of the retailer and/or manufacturer and you hold any relevant rights against them.

Similarly, any recommendations for third party services are based upon our professional opinion and we do not warrant or guarantee the services or performance of any third party we might recommend. If you choose to engage a third party recommended by us, you do so under a separate and distinct agreement with that provider outside of these terms.

Your Property – Donations

The Decluttering Co agrees to remove donations as authorised by you, but this is limited to one safe carload unless other pickups are arranged. Excess and heavy items will incur additional costs or alternative arrangements to remove. Household waste remains the responsibility of the client.

All items removed from your property are done so with your consent. After your discarded items leave your residence, they are no longer considered your property. Donations are often done immediately and are difficult to retrieve. 

The decisions you make over the belongings processed in the session (yours or someone else’s) are your responsibility. 

Your Property – Sales

Item sales conducted by the The Decluttering Co incur a 50% commission. For items of value greater than $1000 and items which remain at your property, a lesser commission may be arranged. 

The Decluttering Co agrees to remove and conduct sales as authorised by you, but their storage offsite is limited to four weeks. You will be given reasonable notice and the opportunity to retrieve unsold items or we reserve the right to donate them.

We reserve the right to refuse a sale at our discretion.


Photographs may be taken for planning and progress and occasionally used for general marketing (no personal details disclosed). Please advise in writing if you do not consent to photos.

Booking and Payment Terms

In order to secure your booking we require a deposit of $100.  Failure to pay a deposit means forfeiture of your booking slot.

For most jobs (excluding NDIS sessions), GST will be added to the final price.

The balance of your session must be paid within 14 days as specified in our invoice to you. 

Sessions are booked for a minimum of 4 hours unless otherwise agreed. If you cut your session short you will be liable to pay for the agreed time. Suburbs further than 15km from Ivanhoe, Melbourne will be subject to travel charges.

We are unable to have provide further service if you are in arrears with payment.

Additional fees incurred by the debt collection of overdue invoices will be added to your invoice.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We require 48 hours’ notice for all booking cancellations via email or the scheduling app you booked with. We are happy to reschedule your appointment and will retain your deposit to secure your new booking.

However, if you cancel a booking more than three times (irrespective of time frame), or you do not re-schedule an appointment within 30 days, your deposit will be forfeited and future bookings will be removed from our system.

If you do not provide us with 48 hours’ notice prior to cancellation, we will retain your deposit and issue you with an invoice for the remainder of the entire session fees, which will be payable within 14 days. 

If we are unable to contact you to confirm a booking, your booking may be forfeited.

If you request a refund of any kind, transaction and administration fees will be deducted. 

In the event that your services are redeemable through a gift voucher and you cancel our services without providing 48 hours’ notice, we will deduct the value of the cancelled appointment from the entitlement contained in the gift voucher.

NDIS, My Aged Care and other funding

The Decluttering Co will invoice to external funding sources if requested, but the onus is on the client to ensure that funding is available to cover services. Should funding not be provided, the client is responsible for full payment.

COVIDSafe Measures

The Decluttering Co’s staff are triple vaccinated and don’t work while symptomatic or awaiting test results. We practise physical distancing, wear face masks, practise good hygiene, sanitise regularly, keep records of exposure and act quickly on any new information. 

We request that clients do the same, and open windows where possible to minimise risk.

The Decluttering Co reserves the right to refuse a job based on Covid risk.