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Clutter lurking in every home

There is clutter lurking in every home, in particular the following items. They wear a disguise of usefulness but are not worth the space they

House cleaning on a schedule

Do you do house cleaning on a schedule, or at random? Does your calendar tell you when it’s time to scrub the toilet, or do

My to-don’t list

Making to-do lists is so very 2018. To-don’t lists are much more fun. And productive. Declutter your responsibilities to clarify what’s important. And the great

Colour code your kids

My friend grew up in a family of five girls, so life was busy for her parents. Meal times, clothes washing, mental load and just

Living with teenagers

You thought you were on the home stretch. You got through the crying baby phase, the terrible twos and all the ups and downs of

How to help children declutter

Decluttering can be a chore. Not for me, I love it. Most of us don’t naturally gravitate to it though, however we definitely feel better

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