3 hours
$ 300
  • onsite consultation
  • declutter/organise 1 area
  • rehoming your surplus
  • maintenance tips sheet


5 hours
$ 470
  • onsite consultation
  • declutter/organise  2 areas
  • rehoming and selling
  • maintenance tips sheet


10 hours
$ 800
  • onsite consultation
  • declutter/organise multiple
  • rehoming and selling
  • maintenance tips sheet

extra hours

on top of packages 2 and 3
$ 80
  • more declutter/organising
  • rehoming and selling
  • maintenance coaching
  • top-up sessions

With Organise Packages, I help you organise the life you want.

Do you want an Organise Package introductory session to get your organisational juices flowing? Or a more inclusive declutter and organise package?

The Decluttering Co will meet you where you’re at. 

Feel free to email me for a more tailored quote to suit your requirements. Some photos and a telephone consultation may be required. Phone consultations are free of charge.

Let me help you get better mental health and sleep. I love decluttering and want to help you get organised. No judgement, just beautiful spaces and relief from chaos.

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