NDIS Service Agreement  

The Decluttering Co offers support decluttering and organising your home, and removing donations as agreed by both of us.

The cost is $125, GST inclusive. Additional travel costs may apply if the distance travelled is greater than 15km from Ivanhoe.

Services provided are necessary and reasonable and hence GST exempt.

All items removed from your property are done so with your consent. After your discarded items leave your residence, they are no longer considered your property.

In the case of unpaid invoices, The Decluttering Co will cease services. Furthermore, the onus is on the client to ensure that funding is available to cover services. Should funding not be provided, the client is responsible for full payment.

The Decluttering Co will comply with the following responsibilities:

• To support your autonomy over your belongings and lifestyle in a respectful way.

• To have insurance and effective processes to manage reportable incidents.

• To listen to your feedback and adapt our approach accordingly.

• To protect your privacy and confidential information in accordance with the law.

• To give you the required notice if we need to end the Service Agreement.

You are required to comply with the following responsibilities:

• To treat us with courtesy and respect.

• To provide 48 hours’ notice if you cannot make a scheduled appointment – otherwise, a cancellation fee will apply in accordance with the NDIS schedule.

• To inform and prevent any home hazards or dangerous people/animals.

• To take responsibility for decisions you make over the belongings processed in the session.

• To let us know immediately if your NDIS plan is suspended or altered in a way that affects payment.

• To inform us of dissatisfaction or dispute so that it can be addressed before the next session.

• To give us the required notice if you need to end the Service Agreement.Services and Terms of Engagement.