Clever use of space in the kitchen (as published on Howards Storage World)

space in the kitchen is created with organised tubs

Space in the kitchen and home is valuable real estate. How can you maximise it?

Many of us would love a bigger home, more rooms, more storage, more space in the kitchen. What we really need is less stuff, and some tactics on how to use our storage wisely.

The basics:

Tackle your pantry first. Declutter it, and use products and a critical eye to maximise the shelving. Mini shelves, turntables and hooks in the pantry can all help.

Next move on to the rest of your kitchen. Get rid of dud appliances and excess crockery. Be wary of hoarding bulk items. Is it really worth the small saving you get?

Also, keep on top of mess, unwashed dishes and rubbish to create more space.

Full Clever Use of Space in the Kitchen article here.

For general advise on maximising small spaces, check this out.

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