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Clutter lurking in every home

There is clutter lurking in every home, in particular the following items. They wear a disguise of usefulness but are not worth the space they

What is relationship minimalism?

Minimalism does not mean living like a monk or having no furniture. Rather it’s about prioritising and being intentional, to bring the good stuff into

How to organise small spaces

The cost of real estate these days is eye-watering. Living in a smaller space might be a necessary sacrifice to stay in your chosen area.

My to-don’t list

Making to-do lists is so very 2018. To-don’t lists are much more fun. And productive. Declutter your responsibilities to clarify what’s important. And the great

Simplify Your Life

It was once predicted that (we) future humans would have a lot of spare time. Microwaves, cars, washing machines and technology were all supposed to

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